How Technology is Improving Health Care

In these times of change, where our daily habits and activities are massively being shifted towards the online, technological advances have had the chance to prove their great convenience in almost all aspects of our new ways of life. From ordering food, groceries or even medicine from the pharmacy which became a daily habit, to voice-activated doorbells or home appliances, technology never ceases to amaze us. Healthcare is no exception from this trend. 

Imagine filling out a prescription or finding a preferred doctor using a voice assistant. The future is now and all-around voice control might not be so far away. The continuous development of voice activated tools is now being implemented for home health information and assistance. Improving customer journey is the main goal and voice technology could be the next step in creating a seamless healthcare experience. You might already have a voice assistant system in your home or on your smartphone and all of these could be used to order food, turn on music or get answers for any question using voice cues. The predictions suggest that by 2022, smart speakers are going to be owned by 55% of American households. This will allow many members of the community to have access to voice assistant tools which will allow them to acquire health care information more easily. 

This novice feature is being widely tested among patients and this voice activated capability will allow them to find suitable urgent care facilities, doctors and even check their existing symptoms utilizing a healthcare directory. These new features are expected to launch on multiple platforms, in English, but also in Spanish. The beta testing is still in its early stages and might take a significant amount of time before it becomes accessible and more widespread. However, this is not the only tool that’s being developed and others include:

  • Agent Virtual Assistant uses artificial intelligence and powerful algorithms to give health advocates adequate answers that they might need in order to provide members more efficiently.
  • PreCheck My Script allows the healthcare providers to check if the patients healthcare plan contains and covers a specific medication or a health care service with ease. It also shows detailed out-of-pocket costs and even offers cost efficient alternatives which can potentially save you some money, when enabled.
  • Virtual Visits is one of those handy features that are especially significant in these unprecedented, pandemic times. This program allows you to stay in touch and contact a doctor 24 hours a day, seven days a week and get advice for any inquiry you may have. If it’s nothing serious, you do not need to leave the comfort of your home in order to get healthcare advice or even prescriptions, it can all be done online. 
  • UnitedHealthcare App is a handy app which gives you quick, on-demand access to your health plan details and information. It also provides its registered users to manage prescriptions, see deductible information and out-of-pocket spending, as well as locate facilities and physicians using GPS.

These innovations are developed so they can replicate the way healthcare users interact with many industries, but digitally. The main idea is to make the healthcare system accessible to all and to give healthcare users more options, which can be done through further expansion of the digital experience, thus delivering personal information using the channels we utilize daily.

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