How Much Should Cost Health Insurance in Cyprus?

insurance in cyprus

Private insurance in Cyprus offers many benefits to citizens and foreigners alike. Even if you are a Cyprus citizen or EU citizen, you may not qualify for the public system. Currently, households making more than 35,000 Euros and individuals making more than 20,000 Euros are not covered by the public system.

Benefits of Private Insurance

Private insurance covers you in the event of an emergency as well as procedures and specialist visits. It does not generally include regular doctor visits nor medications from a pharmacy, however. General practitioner costs are low, averaging 30 Euros. Private insurance usually pays for significant medical expenses upfront, so you don’t have to pay out of pocket and wait for reimbursement.

Private insurance also allows you to visit any hospital or clinic in the country, offering a more comprehensive selection than the public system. It is a must in the northern portion of the country where Turkey rules as these areas do not accept public system cards. By visiting private hospitals and clinics, you can avoid the sometimes long waits in the public system.

How Much Should I Expect To Pay?

Cyprus has an incredibly competitive insurance market. This makes it impossible to give an exact amount for coverage, but there are a couple of general rules. On the lower end of the price scale, you can expect to pay around 300 Euros per year for coverage. This coverage usually comes with a smaller maximum coverage amount. On average you can expect 40,000 Euros of coverage per year under a basic plan. Budget plans often only cover visits to public sector hospitals and clinics.

More comprehensive plans are available for a higher price. Towards the top end of the price scale, you can expect to pay as much as 1,500 Euros per year. These high-end plans cover visits to public and private facilities. You can expect coverage of around 2 million Euros per year under a premium plan.

Monthly and short-term plans are also available for travelers from outside the EU and EU citizens that do not qualify for public insurance. These plans cost more per month but are not meant to provide long term coverage.


Health insurance and healthcare, in general, are inexpensive in Cyprus. The insurance market is very competitive and offers dozens of options. The competitiveness of the market makes an exact estimate impossible but expect insurance premiums to be much lower than in countries with no public sector healthcare.


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