What to Expect with NHS vs. Private Health Insurance Companies

What to Expect with NHS vs. Private Health Insurance Companies

With the many options out there for health insurance in the UK, it’s easy to get confused or frustrated when looking for the perfect plan. The UK has a public health insurance system known as the National Health Service, or NHS. Alternatively, you can also pick from the hundreds of private health insurance companies as well. What’s the difference, and how can you find a plan that’s right for you?


The National Health Service is a great program that offers many services to its policy holders. Although certain treatments are off-limits, like cancer coverage and physiotherapy, you can find most of what you need help with medically through the NHS. They have good rates for the most part, but have long wait times for visits and treatments because of the large quantity of users. On top of that, treatment plans are also limited because of a low budget, but is otherwise a great place to start when it comes to health insurance.

Private Insurance Companies

Private insurance companies also have a lot to offer to the average citizen. These companies have different services and fees, but are generally more accommodating to your needs. You have access to many treatments that you can’t find through the NHS, as well as more flexibility in choosing your benefits compared to the NHS. Other perks include shorter waiting times for treatments, more choices from plan designs, and private hospital rooms during emergency trips or even longer stays.

Which One is Better?

Choosing between the NHS and a private health insurance company all boils down to your situation. Most people prefer private companies because of the flexibility they offer, but are hesitant to try them initially because of the confusing market. However, you can decide which one is better with the help of a trained health insurance broker like Ethniki Insurance.