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Popular questions about health insurance and companies in Cyprus like Prime, EuroLife, Ethniki Asfalistiki and other...

The short answer is everyone. No matter what the state of your finances, life insurance is a way to safeguard your family and loved ones when the inevitable happens. No matter what the circumstances, a lump-sum can go a long way to making things that little bit easier to handle.

As essential as it may be, there are also millions who strongly believe in the benefits of having private medical insurance but simply cannot afford the annual or monthly premium. For example the expensive insurance – Ethniki Asfalistiki. Even some employers have decided that buying into health insurance schemes for their employees is simply an additional expense. These employers thus selfishly force their employees to fund the entire cost of their private insurance out of pocket.

Getting health insurance is one of the best decisions you could ever make. While most governments provide certain basic medical services free of charge or subside the cost for these services, this only covers so much and no more. Most insurance agencies offer a range of payment options to make health insurance accessible to as many as possible. But, having health insurance is not the only solution to all your medical problems. See full article here.

Health insurance is a special arrangement which involves monthly or annual premiums being paid to an insurance agency. These payments are a guarantee that once the insured individual falls ill, the insurance company will make payments towards their medical expenses in order to cover or reduce the overall cost. For example Universal Life and GAP Insurance.

Health insurance is not a luxury, it is a must! Why leave your family’s health to chance? Do not wait until it is too late.