Are theft and vandalism covered by car insurance?

Imagine the following scenario: you leave your car safely parked in the parking lot, go to run errands only to find it vandalized, with stolen belongings and signs of breaking in. The first thing that comes to mind after the initial shock and adrenaline rush is the question: does my car insurance cover these unplanned, yet unfortunate circumstances? 

The answer can vary, depending on the situation and the type of auto insurance you currently own. Theft is usually covered by comprehensive coverage along with break-in damage costs. Contrary to this, liability coverage doesn’t cover larceny but will protect you from bodily injuries and damaged property from an accident. This article will explore a couple of scenarios that will make it easier to understand what is covered by your insurance and what is not, so you can adapt accordingly. 

  1. Car damage from a break-in – Scenario 1

If you are one of those people who have comprehensive coverage, rest assured that this situation will be taken care of. This type of insurance covers all repair costs for the damage done to the vehicle and these damages may include smashed windows, broken door locks and ignition systems. All incidents that are not collisions are typically covered by comprehensive insurance packages.

  1. Your car was stolen – Scenario 2

This situation, which could potentially be the most unfortunate one, might be covered by some types of insurance. It also depends on the type of insurance you obtained. If you happen to have comprehensive coverage, once again, it will cover your vehicle’s value, which could help you replace it, if it’s not retrieved by the police. 

  1. Your personal belongings were stolen from the car – Scenario 3

The third scenario raises another painful question when situations like theft occur; does insurance cover the costs of stolen items left in the car prior to the crime? The answer is no, unfortunately. Comprehensive insurance, which we spoke of the most only covers permanent features and components. Personal belongings that were left inside the car, such as a wallet, a tablet or even a smartphone are not included. However, if this threat poses an issue, it can be fixed and covered with renters or homeowners insurance policies. If your personal items get stolen along with the car, then you need to file two separate claims before receiving coverage – the first through your auto insurance provider and the second through homeowners insurance.

Is vandalism covered by your car insurance?

If you follow the correct steps, comprehensive car insurance can aid in covering the costs of your vehicle being vandalized. These are the steps that need to be taken immediately after the incident happens:

  • Report the vandalism to the police, as the insurance company requires a filed police report. 
  • Note all the damages made to your vehicle and be sure to take pictures from all angles in order to document the damage.
  • The final step is contacting the insurance company and submitting a claim along with a list of damages, pictures and a list of stolen items, which are all required by the company. 

By taking the adequate precautionary measures that will help keep your car safe and sound, you will ultimately lower the costs of any potential damages caused by theft or vandalism. If these unfortunate events do happen to you, be sure to take care of the aftermath in a proper manner by following these steps explained in the article.

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